The one who clicks here
shall see much time pass before
        he is forgiven.
An Tir Chirurgeons' Guild

The Chirurgeon's Burden

The Chirurgeon's Burden is the newsletter for and by the chirurgeons of the Kingdom of An Tir (and the Knowne Worlde), a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). It is not an official publication of the SCA and does not delineate SCA policy. Opinions expressed in The Chirurgeon's Burden are those of the authors of each article and may not represent the SCA or the editors of this newsletter. All rights revert to the authors and artists upon publication.

Submissions or comments should be sent to editor, THLady Lianna Stewart, GdS, MC ( ) or to THLord Conal MacNachtan ( ). Submissions may also be submitted in hard copy or on 3½-inch disk; contact the editor for a physical address.

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