The one who clicks here
shall see much time pass before
        he is forgiven.
An Tir Chirurgeons' Guild

Chirurgeon's Resource Library

One of the most important things that we as Chirurgeons can have in our first aid kit is knowledge. Feel free to browse the library and stock your kits!

Resource Description
Forms Reporting forms for An Tir Chirurgeons
Reporting Dates Reporting dates for An Tir Chirurgeons
Guild News News from the Guild & Society Level
News letters Kingdom and Society news letters
Good Samaritan Laws A listing of Good Samaritan Statutes for the fifty States and the Canadian provinces.
Handbooks and Articles Chirurgeon's handbooks & articles relating to chirurgy
KWCS Info about the A.S. XL Knowne World Chirurgeon's Symposium
Links Links to other sites

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