The one who clicks here
shall see much time pass before
        he is forgiven.
An Tir Chirurgeons' Guild

About the Chirurgeonate

The Chirurgeonate is the volunteer first-aid organization of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., a non-profit educational organization devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It is part of the "living history" movement, where members try to reproduce various aspects of the culture and technology of their period, as well as pursuing more traditional historical research. The SCA sponsors events such as medieval tournaments and feasts, where members dress in Medieval and Renaissance styles, and participate in activities based on the civil and martial arts of the Middle Ages.

For further information about who we are, how you can join us, and how our office is organized, refer to the links below:

Period Chirurgeon at work  - Original Image © NLM

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